Special Christmas Service - 22nd December 2015 at Kells Community Centre!

Special meetings at Kells Special meetings at Kells

If you want to hear more you are more than welcome to come to Kells Gospel Hall on a Sunday night between 7-8pm. Everyone is welcome - there is no charge or collection of any sort. Come along and bring your friends, neighbours or anyone else! If you have any questions or would like to get in touch for more information you can find our contact details here


Below is a series of recordings from June 2014 at a series of tent meetings on the Byrestown Road. If you missed a night or simply want to listen again to the topics from each night you can do so here.

  • Sunday 1st June: How will the world end? Listen now
  • Monday 2nd June: Does Satan really hate me? Listen now
  • Tuesday 3rd June: Is money bad? Listen now
  • Wednesday 4th June: Do I have to repent? Listen now
  • Thursday 5th June: Does God love hypocrites? Listen now
  • Friday 6th June: Can a person be pure again? Listen now
  • Sunday 8th June: Who goes to Hell? Listen now
  • Monday 9th June: Will there be world peace? Listen now
  • Tuesday 10th June: What is wrong with sin? Listen now
  • Wednesday 11th June: Which way to heaven? Listen now
  • Thursday 12th June: Is there true freedom? Listen now
  • Friday 13th June: What is God doing now? Listen now
  • Sunday 15th June: What about the past? Listen now

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