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If you live within travelling distance of Creavery Sunday School you are really welcome to attend each sunday at 3.15PM! Children of all ages attend this little hall to hear stories from the Bible and the true gospel message.

Since 1800 Creavery Gospel Hall has been used for various meetings and has been home to a weekly sunday school for many years.

In 2007 a new hall was built on the existing site replacing the original building which dates back to the 1950's. From time to time, special meetings are held in the hall. Details of these will be announced on this site.

If you need transport to any meetings in this hall please get in touch via the contact page

Below are some images of the new hall. Click an image to see a larger picture.


The work began in Tully many years ago by a local man Mr McKillen. The original hall was burnt and a replacement hall was erected which still stands today. The Sunday school work which commenced at the beginning still continues today. Additionally, on the 1st Sunday of each month a gospel meeting is held at 6PM.

For those who live in the Moorfields area, Tully Sunday School would be quite convenient. Transport can be arranged to for the weekly sunday school at 4:15PM!

Other Youth Events

Children's Meeting - If you are free on a friday night don't forget our children's meeting! This meeting is geared towards children of all ages and runs from October to March every friday at 7.30PM

Y8 - Specifically for teenagers, this meeting was set up with the mission statement of 'that they might be saved'. We meet a few times a month where bible-based messages on topical, real-world issues are presented.

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