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What is it?

Y8+ is our new meeting specially geared towards teenagers. Once or twice a month this meeting enables teenagers to hear topical issues and a gospel message.

What happens at it?

Normally the Y8 meeting will begin with a thought for the week and an associated message. You can visit the T4W website and subscribe to their SMS service.

After a light refreshment break a visiting speaker is usually present to deliver a short gospel message or topical address on issues from the Bible such as creation or future events. There is usually an opportunity to put any questions to the speaker.

How can I get there?

car logo Y8 normally takes place at Creavery Hall. A number of bus runs are available. If you need a lift, get in touch to arrange this. See the contact page for more info

y8+ meeting logo


Not sure where to find us? You can get more detailed directions on the directions page.


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